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FITFY - Find IT For You

FITFY – Find IT For You

is a whole batch of different services meant to make your new life in Croatia easier and more enjoyable.

If you need some guidance and directions in the city of Zagreb and the surrounding area, if you want to know where to buy some Croatian products, no matter if it’s food, wine, clothes or artwork, or find out something specific about us, how to cook and use things the local way, where to go for the weekend, or what presents from Croatia to take home, you’ve come to the right place.

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svarun world service fitfy

I’ll show you the best restaurants and coffee shops, nicest spa and beauty salons, the most fascinating museums and even places to find the finest chocolate. I can find you the most trustworthy and reliable babysitting services, give you a recommendation for the best doctor or dentist in case you ever need one, or even find you professional cleaning services for your apartment.

Whatever you need to know, I can show you, teach you or lead you to it.


The price of FITFY service is 320,00 HRK (Croatian kuna) per hour.


This is a part of Find IT For You services which refers to any administrative needs you might have. If you need help with your documents and permits, licenses and clearances, we are here for you.

The price of FITFY Document service is 450,00 HRK (Croatian kuna) per hour.

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