Hi everybody!

If you are reading this, you have already discovered Svarun World and its beauties, and are interested enough to look further. So then, let’s go….

My name is Anera and I’ve spent over thirty years in design, fashion, and other beautiful things surrounding us. I sewed, designed, drew and painted, sanded, glued, and sprayed, in one word, I created. As much as I’ve always enjoyed (and still do) the things I make myself, I admire and appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of others even more.

I will show you unique jewelry, nice clothing, handmade items out of glass, wood, and ceramic — all of them in the ‘Unique Croatian products’ category.

In the Eldar category, you can find Turkish bedding sets of extraordinary quality and beauty.

You will, of course, also find something about my oldest and biggest love — fashion. What to wear and when, how to find and cherish your style, embrace novelties without being faddy and everything else you can think about having something to do with fashion.

Interwoven with a dash of history and flavored with home or office decoration, I will offer you my knowledge, experience, and ideas.


Since I don’t want this to become a CV, I’ll just tell you a few important things about myself because of which you may decide you need me.

I’m 50 years old and have graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Croatia. I have spent the whole of my professional life in fashion and clothing. I’ve worked with women of different ages, looks, needs, and desires, for leisurely, and even modest, to luxurious and very demanding projects.

I’m here to help you with your everyday look, your needs for a conference or presentation, for your dream wedding, or to refresh what you already know, or to help you with a complete remake of your appearance.

I’ve worked in designing and sewing tailor-made clothing for all occasions and have therefore perfected my knowledge of female proportions. I can, with great certainty, suggest you the best apparel for your figure considering models and patterns of your clothes, jewelry, bags, and even, if necessary, the color of your hair.

I have participated in large projects, like preparing and dressing the Croatian singer Danijela Martinović for Eurosong (a while ago, back when it was very popular), designing clothes for more than a dozen of public figures and pop personalities, and even for women facing the challenge of a wedding in Rome performed by the pope himself or attending the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony or the New Year’s concert in Vienna.

If you are reading this, you probably don’t have time to take greater care of your look or are perhaps overwhelmed with everything that is offered nowadays, or just need someone to push you in the right direction.

Whatever it is, I’m here to help you deal with it.

Ask me and write to me at anera@svarunworld.hr


Anera Banovec


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